Wormwood: A safe haven for worms – and kids!


Near an old, decrepit, abandoned saw mill on the Great River, beside the Old Mill Creek, lies a fantastical land where little wormlings have adventures! The Wormwood Tales originated during Dr. Ian Jackson's graduate studies at Grant University in Washington Grove, Maine. Communicating by letter with his young cousin in Boston, Jackson wrote for her a series of stories and poems revolving around this village of worms. The adventures, exploits, joys and heartaches of William Wiggleworm, Margarita Bookworm, Grover & Gloria Grubbworm, Eliza Lightningbug, Noah Inchworm, Carl Caterpillar, Cynthia Silkworm and Ichabod Slug relate to the experiences of the young reader: learning to sit still, learning to read, learning to obey parents, learning to be honest, learning to get along with friends, learning…  


Wormwood! Holding children's hands throughout childhood.

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